Friday, May 03, 2013

A stereo

Installing a stereo was tough!  I like to try new things, I find something satisfying about reaching the point where I haven't done something before and it is a little scary. One might think that the experience I have welding or repairing cars cooking drawing painting writing talking in public teaching or learning to jump a dirt bike or whatever else I have done, I would tackle installing a stereo and some speakers without the most confidence and there would be no fear at all.  I guess it doesn't work like that.

 There came a point where I had to make decisions.  A point where how I thought this job was going to go was changed and I had to make a new plan. I thought the speakers would just bolt on, that the stereo would just plug into the old connector harness and I would be listening to the Beastie Boys in about an hour.  It didn't go like that the old harness connector wouldn't plug into the new stereo, I had to choose between crimping wires with connectors which I hate with a passion and soldering wires in a vehicle and using shrink tubing both I have never done before. The speakers had the wrong bolt hole pattern in the doors so I had to use a drill. I HATE DRILLS!  No matter how carefully I center punch or how steady I hold the drill I always seem to have a difficult time with it. I just hate drilling holes in things especially sheet metal. I had to run to store to buy solder and shrink tubing one of which was probably lost by my brother who last used my soldering iron and I didn't have shrink tubing. But success! the speakers were in and nicely symmetrically mounted in the doors. Then came another problem.  Running wires.  I have never done this before!  How was I going to run wires through the doors and through the doors rubber boot thing the lock wires ran through where under the dash would I route the wires?

 I am a bit of a perfectionist so I had to lay under the dash planning where the wires would go under those wires riding along that piece of metal make sure to put it under those wires, so when the slack is removed it can pull up into the dash higher.  This was all done and planned after having first run a coat hanger with a hook on the end through the rubber boot thing attaching the new wires and pulling them home in the door.  Usually running wires like this might drive me a bit mad with perfectionism. I can usually feel it creep up as a dull tightness in the chest and then move to the center back of my skull.  It feels like something is being twisted inside. When perfection strikes I have to provide the shortest most logical neatly tucked route for the wires thinking about what if it rubs on that bit of metal and my car burns down. What if the next owner looks under that dash and sees this nest of wires here or the electrical tape covering a soldered connection because I forgot to put the shrink tubing on before soldering? Right now I am still thinking about it and punishing myself for being so stupid. Electrical tape is for schlubs! I tell myself. But I have to tell myself I did the best I could and it was a good solder job everything will be fine and it is only two wires with tape out of the ten or so.  I tend to over think things.

 Speakers in all wires soldered and everything connected stereo tested and mounted door panels back on everything put back as before tools put away hands washed and Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 sounded great! It was a victory! I have never installed a stereo before or had a nice aftermarket one and it sounded great and felt good to do a few things I haven't done before and come off with a win.

What is the moral?  Doing things is way more complicated when you are conscious of all your thoughts and write a blog post about it.  Doing new things is fun. There is this hill you approach a hill of uncertainty and self doubt but if you just go one step at a time it's easy and the view from the top is great. Everything seems to have this no matter how small the task. There is always the element of self doubt and fear I think that is what makes things interesting beyond the gratification of a nice sounding stereo. I need challenge and trying new things in my life. Life without would be boring and stale.Why I am writing so much and placing so much meaning in putting a stereo in car? I have no idea ,but apparently it is important to me because I wrote this long blog post and made an animated gif.

If you want to listen to some tunes let me know I might even let you touch the stereo.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I like to make normal cars look better. It's a hobby.

This fox mustang coupe has had some body work to make it look a bit more like the grogeous Ferrari 400/412. Stock version at top.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I liked sloths before you.

Isn't funny how I used a Porsche font for a sloth photo?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fixing Watches teaches me things.

Sorry the video isn't an instructional/informative video but I made it mostly to show my friend who has the same watch and his is also busted.

What a great excuse to make a movie.  My first video on the internet ever!  I like to fix things.  At first I don't want to pay someone else to do it because I am cheap but it becomes more.  I realize I could learn to fix the thing myself and I take great pride in being able to repair something myself using my brain and google.  Also I like to buy tools.

$15 hand remover and hand press
$2 + $3.95 shipping for second hands after I lost the original
$11+$3.95 shipping for replacement movement
$4.99 Watch back opener tool
$10 cheap piece of crap target watch I dont know why I bought it which donated a minute hand after I messed up the original one. and is now useless.
$12.99 -20% off coupon Harbor Freight case back press (Not Actually needed for this project.)

Was it worth it to spend $50.89 to fix a watch that might be replaced for $65. Yes, yes it was and let me tell you why.

Fixing things is satisfying
Fixing things teaches me
It only cost $20.90 for parts and the rest of the money went to tools.  Tools I can now use to fix most any watch and change batteries instead of paying someone to do it.
Self sufficiency I don't need to pay someone something I can do myself and I dont need to mail or drive my watch to this person and can fix my own crap whenever I want.
I now have a watch unlike anyone elses because mine now has a orange spade second hand
PLEASE SYNCHRONIZE AND CALIBRATE SARCASM DETECTORS I have a story to tell it might be a very boring story but someday some rich beautiful woman just might fall in love with me because of my boring story of fixing my own watch.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

band names

I have always wanted to be in a band. not sure what I would do because I cant sing, well I mean no one has told me I could. And I can't play instruments. Not sure why I still want to be in a band, still I carry on thinking up band names. I wish I could get paid for it cuz I think I'm good. This is one of many.

Lame Jim and the Segways

Monday, April 30, 2012

Dueling scars

I remember (sort of) thinking people with patches on their eye. People like Slick Rick. were awesome! I also wished I had a sweet facial scar.  I thought it was cool and would make me look interesting people would ask me about it and I would tell them this awesome manly story.

Then I read about dueling scars and it changed. Many got these scars fencing from a slash of the sword.  Then it became fashionable and when anything becomes fashionable it loses it's coolness and credibility. These guys would try to get them because it was a sign of bravery and the upper class. So dorks forgetting the legitimate meaning got them like a chick getting her ears pierced intentionally tried to make a fencing wound scar over by putting in hay and other stuff to disfigure their faces.

This guy might have a legitimate wound but I have my doubts look at the men behind smiling almost like they are proud?  Maybe they are just morbidly amused. Gross That's a lot of blood! It became another lesson for me that doing things to look cool to others is lame.

chopping a cherokee

just a bit off the top of a 2wd 4.0 I6 model take some inspiration from the SCCA Comanche and the Grass Roots Motorsports Cherokke mix it in a pot =Cheap wierd car that would be fun in the bends and everyone will be all like "What is that?"
  I think of some wierd stuff.

Bit obsessed with Z31 300zx's right now.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

UVU sole identity

Come to a rad show with some excellent bands.  Bid on some artistically customized shoes benefiting under served people and see some art as part of the Provo Gallery stroll.